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Stubborn Twig: Related Materials
               Stubborn Twig Main Page

These books and other items are on the topic
of the Japanese-American experience during World War II.

Adult Fiction:


Dallas, Sandra. Tall Grass.

Fowler, Karen Joy.  Sarah Canary.

Ikeda, David Stewart.  What the Scarecrow Said.

Kadohata, Cynthia.  The Floating World.

Mitchell, Kirk. Black Dragon.

Miyakawa, Edward.  Tule Lake.

Mueller, Marnie.  The Climate of the Country.

Mura, David. Famous Suicides of the Japanese Empire.

Okada, John. The No-No Boy.

Otsuka, Julie. When the Emperor was Divine.


Adult Nonfiction:


And Justice for All: an oral history of the Japanese American detention camps.

Armor, John.  Manzanar.

Asahina, Robert.  Just Americans: how Japanese Americans won a war at home and    abroad.

Cooper, Michael L.  Fighting for Honor: Japanese American and World War II.

Crost, Lyn.  Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans and World War II.

Daniels, Roger.  Prisoners without Trial: Japanese Americans in World War II.

Gesensway, Deborah.  Beyond Words: images from America’s concentration camps.

Girdner, Audrie.  The Great Betrayal: the evacuation of the Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Gruenwald, Mary Matsuda. Looking like the Enemy: my story of imprisonment in Japanese American internment camps.

Hayashi, Brian Masaru. Democratizing the Enemy: the Japanese American internment.

Hirasuna, Delphine.  The Art of Gaman: arts and crafts from the Japanese American internment.

Ishizuka, Karen L.  Lost and Found: reclaiming the Japanese American incarceration.

Kashima, Tetsuden.  Judgment without Trial: Japanese American imprisonment during World War II.

Knaefler, Tomi Kaizawa.  Our House Divided: seven Japanese American families in World War II.

Lange, Dorothea. Impounded: Dorothea Lange and the censored images of Japanese American internment.

Last Witnesses: reflections on the wartime internment of Japanese Americans.

Levine, Ellen.  A Fence Away from Freedom: Japanese Americans and World War II.

Minidoka Interlude: September 1942-October, 1943.

Mueller, Eric L.  American Inquisition: the hunt for Japanese American disloyalty in World War II.

Only What We Could Carry: the Japanese American internment experience.

Robinson, Greg.  By Order of the President: FDR and the internment of Japanese Americans.

Smith, Page. Democracy on Trial: the Japanese American evacuation and relocation in World War II.

Stewart, Todd. Placing Memory: a photographic exploration of Japanese American internment.

Tamura, Linda. The Hood River Issei: an oral history of Japanese settlers in Oregon’s Hood River Valley.

Touching the Stones: tracing one hundred years of Japanese American history.

Weglyn, Michi.  Years of Infamy: the untold story of America’s concentration camps.

Yenne, Bill.  Rising Sons: how the Japanese American GIs fought for the United States in World War II.


CD Audiobooks:


Dallas, Sandra. Tall Grass.

Otsuka, Julie. When the Emperor was Divine.




American pastime

Bad day at Black Rock

The Cats of Mirikitani

Come see the paradise

Empire of the Sun

A Family Gathering

Rabbit in the moon

Snow falling on cedars


Timeline 1941

Timeline 1942



Teen Fiction:


Mazer, Harry.            A Boy No More.

Means, Florence. The Moved-Outers.

Salisbury, Graham. Eyes of the Emperor. (also CD Audiobook)




Children’s Fiction:


Cheaney, J.B.   My Friend the Enemy.

Denenberg, Barry. The Journal of Ben Uchida, Citizen #13559, Mirror Lake Internment Camp.          

Kadohata, Cynthia. Weedflower.

Pateneaude, David. Thin Wood Walls.

Salisbury, Graham. Under the Blood-Red Sun. (also CD Audiobook)

Salisbury, Graham. House of the Red Fish. (sequel)

Uchida, Yoshiko. Journey to Topaz.

Wolff, Virginia Euwer. Bat Six.


Children’s Nonfiction:


Brimmer, Larry Dane. Voices from the Camps: Internment of Japanese Americans during   World War II.

Cooper, Michael L. Fighting for Honor: Japanese Americans and World War II.

Hamanaka, Sheila. The Journey: Japanese Americans, Racism and Renewal.

Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki. Farewell to Manzanar: a true story of Japanese American

experience during and after the World War II internment.

I Am an American: a True Story of the Japanese Internment

Mochizuki, Ken. Baseball Saved Us.

Oppenheim, Joanne. Dear Miss Breed:  True stories of the Japanese American Incarceration during WWII and the Librarian Who Made a Difference

Remembering Manzanar: Life in a Japanese Relocation Camp                                              

Tunnell, Michael O. The Children of Topaz: the Story of a Japanese-American Internment Camp: Based on a Classroom Diary.                                 




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