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Chairs & Vice Chairs

City Council - Appointed Board, Commission, and Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs

As of October 8, 2013

Budget Committee

Dave Berg, Chair

 Charles Collins, Co-Vice Chair and Jackie Manz Co-Vice Chair

Development Review Commission

Don Richards, Chair

Gregg B. Creighton, Vice Chair

50+ Advisory Board

Gene Arnold, Chair

Ronald Matthews, Vice Chair
Historic Resources Advisory Board

Kasey Holwerda, Chair

Jeannie McGuire, Vice Chair

Library Advisory Board

Richard Slaven, Chair

 Maria Meneghin, Vice Chair

Natural Resources Advisory Board

Heidi Schrimsher, Co-Chair

Todd Van Rysselberghe, Co-Chair

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Bill Gordon, Chair


Planning Commission

William “Bill” E. Gaar, Chair

Randy Arthur, Vice Chair

Sustainability Advisory Board

Gregory P. Monahan, Co-Chair

Lisa Adatto, Co-Chair

Transportation Advisory Board

David Jorling, Chair