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Welcome to the City of Lake Oswego Oregon

About the Tourism Advisory Committee

The Tourism Advisory Committee is a citizen advisory body appointed by the City Council consisting of up to nine regular members appointed for three-year terms. The Committee’s purpose is to advise the Council and assist staff and other community organizations in implementing tourism strategies. The Committee is also be responsible for the oversight and periodic updating of the Tourism Action Plan and providing future recommendations on the expenditure of the City's hotel motel tax dollars. 

The Tourism Advisory Committee was a key recommendation from a Tourism Task Force that was convened in 2016. The Task Force developed a Tourism Action Plan (linked at the bottom of this page) with short term and long term projects and initiatives that could be funded by the City's local transient lodging tax (hotel-motel taxes). 


A majority of the membership must represent organizations that are involved with or associated with tourism activities or attractions in Lake Oswego.  These groups could include the Lake Oswego Arts Council, Lakewood Center for the Arts, Heritage Council, Chamber of Commerce, Lake Oswego Review and local media, business associations, and hotels.  At large members should include marketing professionals who live or have their place of business in Lake Oswego.

Current Tourism Board Members

  • Lori Gaffney-Advertising
  • Sonal Halady, Vice-Chair-Public Relations
  • Megan Lau Pozos-Realtor
  • W. Roger Beebe-Hotel Manager
  • Marylou Colver-LO Preservation Society
  • Andrew Edwards-Lakewood Center
  • J Brian Monihan-LO Review
  • Bill Tierney, Chair-Arts Council
  • Patti Mertz (alternate)-Marketing/PR
  • Jackie Manz-Council Liaison


Mission and Duties

The Tourism Advisory Committee shall:

  1. Advise and assist the City Council in the development and implementation of effective strategies for maximizing the use of tourism dollars in order to grow, build, and promote tourism assets in Lake Oswego.
  2. Provide recommendations on the use of City hotel-motel tax dollars.
  3. Update, maintain, and coordinate implementation of a Tourism Action Plan for Lake Oswego.
  4. Build and promote partnerships between community organizations to effectively implement tourism marketing and attraction-building strategies.

Tourism Advisory Committee Meetings

Meetings are proposed to be held at least twice per year.  Meeting time, date, and location are to be determined.

Meeting agendas are typically posted on this site one week prior to the meeting. Notices of meetings are also published in the City's monthly newsletter -- Hello LO, on the City's community web calendar, and on bulletin boards at the Adult Community Center, Library, and on the first floor at City Hall.