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City of Lake Oswego Lakeview Village by Michael Berger 2013

Public Safety Facility (Police, 911 Communications and Municipal Court)

Project Background/Summary

Police and LOCOM and the Municipal Court are housed in City Hall.  Their space is significantly undersized based on their current functions and associated space needs. There are several necessary Police/LOCOM program elements that cannot be accomodated today due to existing space constraints including Suspect Holding Cells, Staff Fitness, In-Custody Report Writing and Processing, and Hazardous Materials Storage rooms. These items are needed to support the current functions of the department.  There is inadequate space for any growth of the Department or expansion of services. There are other security issues with the Municipal Court, Police facility and the movement of persons in custody in and throughout the building.

Project Description

City Hall has multiple and significant deficiencies and studies have determined that replacing the existing building would be the most cost effective approach to addressing the multiple deficiencies identified. Significant building deficiencies include: lack of building and operational security, failing exterior cladding system (EIFS) and related water intrusion and mold growth within the exterior wall assembly, insect infestation within the exterior cladding system, failing window system and related flashings, failing mechanical systems and electrical systems at maximum capacity. Additionally, the building does not meet accessibility requirements of the ADA and ADAAG. Currently identified as an ‘Essential Facility’ as required for Police and LOCOM Departments, the building does not meet the related seismic requirements and getting the first responder functions into a seismically safe facility, as well as addressing other safety issues in the facility, is a high priority.


In 2009, City Council responded to the SERA report by adopting strategies and guiding principles for improving city-owned facilities.  One of the near term priorities was to provide a new public safety facility for Police, LOCOM and Municipal Court.  The first step in addressing this issue is to select an appropriate site for such a facility.  A site analysis conducted in 2010 co-located  a new Police, LOCOM and Municipal Court facility with a community center at the West End property.  A subsequent survey conducted by the City indicated there was not strong support for that extensive of a project.  Since then, staff has focused its efforts solely on the public safety facility.  Brian C. Jackson, Architect LLC, was hired to conduct a broader city-wide site selection study.  In 2011, Mr. Jackson performed an analysis of six sites and prepared a report that he presented at the October 11th Council study session, which is available below.  The report includes a synopsis of the sites studied, sites recommended for further consideration, and possible next steps.  General discussion by Council members indicated a preference to further consider two of the six sites: Evergreen Downtown and West End Building sites.

The architectural firm Group Mackenzie, was hired in January 2012 to address two outstanding issues identified by Council and based on this new information, reevaluate the differences between the West End Building and Evergreen sites.   Outstanding issues were:

• Refining the size of the facility including office and program spaces and parking; and
• Revising the estimated cost of the Evergreen site by leaving Municipal Court in City Hall and eliminating the need to purchase additional property.

Group Mackenzie completed the work and submitted their final report, the Lake Oswego Public Safety Facility Site Selection Refinement Study, available in the link on this page.




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