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Lake Oswego Public Contract Index

Standard Public Contract Provisions:  The Standard Public Contract provisions are incorporated into all contracts with the City of Lake Oswego.  They include statutorily required provisions, as well as standard contract terms.

Lake Oswego Public Contract Rules:  The Public Contract Rules includes all amendments to the public contracting laws adopted by the Lake Oswego City Council and the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency, effective as of March 1, 2005, per Council Resolution 05-19 and LORA Resolution 05-02.

The Lake Oswego Public Contract Rules are applicable to contracts first advertised on or after March 1, 2005, or if not advertised, then entered into after March 1, 2005.

  • Section 101 - General Provisions Related to Public Contracting
  • Section 102 - Public Procurements for Goods or Services General Provisions
  • Section 103 - General Provisions Related to Public Contracts for Construction Services
  • Section 104 - Property Disposition