2019 City Council Goals

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, the City Council met to set goals for the new year.  Prior to the retreat, the Council solicited comments to hear the public’s thoughts on what the city should focus on in 2019. The goals were formally adopted at the February 19, 2019 City Council meeting.

2019 City Council Goals

In recognition of the fact that many secondary goals are being pursued and that there are many ongoing plans of the City Council, the primary 2019 City Council goals (not in priority order) are:

Improve the city’s streets and pathways

This year – Complete the paving and pathway projects as identified in the Capital Improvement Plan. Seek regional partners and support for a Willamette Shoreline bike/ped trail that doesn’t threaten the loss of railroad easements.

Next two years – Acquire easements and construct the pathway connection between Foothills Park and George Rogers Park. Complete on-street and off-street pathways identified in CIP, transportation and parks plans, with emphasis on safe routes to schools and the most actively used pedestrian and bicycling corridors.

Long term – Complete the River-to-River (from George Rogers Park to the Tualatin River) pathway. Provide safe (walking/bicycling) routes to all schools. Complete on-street and off-street pathways identified in transportation and parks master plans. Continue to improve streets, bringing the PCI (pavement condition index) to 70.

Provide appropriate facilities for outdoor and indoor recreation and swimming

This year – Work with Lake Oswego School District on a comprehensive assessment of district and city fields, courts and gyms, school/community pool needs, outdoor/indoor recreation opportunities and the existing District/City intergovernmental agreement (IGA) regarding recreation facilities. Consider a city park bond measure that would provide funding for a community pool.

Support business investment in Lake Oswego

This year – promote Lake Oswego as a place to start or grow a business. Make a go/no-go decision on a new Foothills wastewater treatment plant as the first step in redevelopment of the area. Break ground on the North Anchor project.

Long term – work with private partners on the implementation of the Foothills Master Plan and the Southwest Employment Area plan.

Other 2019 City Council goals and work elements

  • Appoint a task force on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Hire a city manager.
  • Come to a decision on short term rentals.
  • Consider strategies for sustainable Fire/EMS costs.
  • Explore a "smart city" strategy.
  • Update the city's Sustainability Action Plan to incorporate climate change goals.
  • Seek legislation to eliminate the state's "Little Davis Bacon" mandate.
  • Work with Clackamas County on the development of Metro housing bond projects in Lake Oswego.