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The LOPedia is an in-depth catalog of Lake Oswego's municipal services and programs. Inside the catalog are over 175 program and services definitions that provide information about what the City of Lake Oswego does, how it does it, and how much it costs. The programs and services are organized operationally by Department.

The encyclopedia is updated on an annual basis with assistance from the City's Robert Kincaid Memorial Intern.

The LOPedia helps increase local government transparency by providing information to the public on the programs and services the City provides to residents, businesses, and customers; assists the City Council in setting priorities and goals; aids decision making by making available greater information about City operations, processes, and program delivery; serves as a tool to inform budget and resource allocation discussions; and provides a resource for developing performance metrics for core city functions.

Hard copies are available for review at the Library and City Hall.

The entire document is currently available online in PDF form below.