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Projects and Initiatives

Effective and efficient steward of public goods and services

The City Manager’s Office - in addition to housing the Offices of Public Affairs, City Recorder, and Assistant City Manager, and the City’s Sustainability and Emergency Planning & Management programs - also supports and conducts city-wide efforts to improve program and operational effectiveness and efficiency, conducts studies for organizational improvement and innovation, manages the City’s performance measurement efforts, analyzes proposed and adopted policy, assists in budget development, and manages special projects. Efforts include:

City Council Goals
The City Council defines goals and objectives every year and establishes guidelines for their

Budget Management
The City Manager prepares and submits the annual City Budget for the ensuing fiscal year, administers the adopted budget, and keeps the Council apprised of the financial condition and needs of the city.

Performance Measures
In 2010, the City embarked on a project to identify and define City programs and services and establish performance measures for each operating Department. The purpose of the project is to help staff and community leaders make important decisions and trade‚Äźoffs that are community supported and backed by reliable data. In order for Lake Oswego to continue to be an effective and efficient steward of public goods and services requires the City to continually review and realign core and baseline services to ensure that government spending is reflective of the community’s priorities. Performance measures are included in the City's Budget document.

Lake Oswego - Tigard Water Project
In August 2008, the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard formally endorsed a partnership agreement for sharing drinking water resources and costs.  Lake Oswego’s water supply system is near capacity, and key facilities need expansion and upgrades.  Tigard residents need a secure, dependable water source.  Both cities want to keep water affordable for their customers and sharing the cost of new infrastructure to serve both communities does that.

LOPedia: Encyclopedia of Lake Oswego's Programs & Services
With the assistance of the City's annual summer Kincaid Memorial intern, the City Manager's Office created a catalog of City programs and services to provide the public, City Council, and staff with greater information about what the city does, how much it costs, and how the programs are delivered.