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  • City of Lake Oswego Digest

    The Council Digest is a weekly blog of reports to the City Council from City Departments and outside agencies concerning upcoming meetings, status of projects, and other items of interest to the Mayor and Councilors.

    Previous year Digests can be accessed...

  • City of Lake Oswego Community Survey

    The City of Lake Oswego conducts a community survey every other year to get feedback and opinions about city services and policy issues. The City Council and City Manager use the information to prioritize services and guide Council policy discussions.

  • Pursuant to the Lake Oswego City Charter, the City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out council policies and to serve as chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager manages the City's business and implements the Council's plans and orders by:

  • The LOPedia is an in-depth catalog of Lake Oswego's municipal services and programs. Inside the catalog are over 175 program and services definitions that provide information about what the City of Lake Oswego does, how it does it, and how much it costs. The programs and services are organized operationally by Department.