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Luscher Farm Crosstoberfest is graciously sponsored by these generous companies.


We believe in connecting you, friends, family and all your favorite gear to your desired destination or activity. Yakima will handle all your gear, freeing up space in your car, so you can take more friends and create more memories.

Sellwood Cycle Repair

Sellwood Cycle is currently located at 7953 SE 13th Ave in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. We've had a few other locations over the years, but we've always been in the neighborhood. Our current space is much larger than our last and we've managed to fill it up, just as you would expect.
Owned by Erik Tonkin, the shop has been open since 1991. We have always operated in a way that makes sense (to us at least); that is to say we are reasonable people and we focus primarily on service.
While repair has always been our focus, reselling bikes has been a big part of our business as well. We are one of only a few shops in town that deals in reliable used bikes, and our reputation supports that. We enjoy giving bikes new lives.
Our goal is to help you get what you need out of your bicycle. That might mean fixing your current bike, helping you find a used or new bike, or getting you the parts and accessories you need to make your current bike awesome.
We value our customers as they are an integral part of the shop - we wouldn't be here without you!
Thanks for all the great years and all the memories.


The Lumberyard, Portland’s unique indoor bike park, includes jump lines, pump tracks, skill sections and technical trail riding for beginners to experts. We are excited to offer programming for all ages and abilities, including skill-building clinics to improve technical riding, bike handling, after school programs for kids and summer camps all summer long.

Lakeside Bicycles

We believe that bicycles offer a unique combination of environmental friendliness, technological sophistication, simple beauty and user benefits.  Bicycles, simply, make everyone who use them healthier and happier while leaving the world untouched or better.  We opened Lakeside Bicycles in order to get people on bicycles and to help people involved in bicycling to get as much out of the sport as they can. 


Salty Pretzel

Looking for the best German pretzel in town? Don't look any further...Mine are delicious and are made just like the traditional German crusty pretzels!

I offer high quality products baked with local organic flour and sustainable ingredients. I also make everything by hand.

The pretzels, banana bread and applesauce bread are all made to order, always fresh and very yummy. Give it a whirl, I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Creperie Le Bon Temps

Executive Chef and Owner Haley Russell graduated from Lake Oswego High School in 2012. Her graduation gift from her mother was travelling to France (with her Grandmother Duck in tow!) to study the art of crêpe making with world famous formatrice,  Madame Bernadette! For 10 days and 10 hours a day Haley learned the Art of Crêpe Making, taught in French! The crêpe recipe is a Secret that only Madame Bernadette and Haley share!

Ancestry Brewing

At Ancestry Brewing, we are building a lineage of family crafted ales, one brew at a time. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and quality. We are greatly humbled to be joining a community of Oregon breweries that arguably produce the best beer on the planet.