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City of Lake Oswego
Willamette River railroad bridge

Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Department
Free Agent Removal Form Parks and Recreation
George Rogers Park Parks and Recreation
Handouts & Guides Building
Healthy Watersheds Car Wash Kit Public Works
Help us test business directories Library
High-Efficency Interior Lighting Form Building
Historic Resources Advisory Board Application Boards and Commissions
Hydrant Flow Form Fire
ID Theft Affidavit Police
Identity Theft Police
IMMP Draft Goal and Guideline Comments Parks and Recreation
Indoor Tennis Center Parks and Recreation
Lake Oswego National Night Out Registration Community
Land Use Application Planning
Library Events Email List Webform Library
Library Website Feedback Library
LO Parks Photo Pass Parks and Recreation
LO to Lake Grove Guided Ride Sustainability
Looking for a good book? Library
LOPD Patch Order Form Police
Mechanical Permit Application (Residential or Commercial) Building
Medical release Form Fire
Millennium Plaza Park Pergola Rental Parks and Recreation
Miscellaneous Forms Building
Moisture Content Form Building
Name an Unsung Hero ~ 2015 Public Affairs
Neighborhood Association Insurance Planning
Neighborhood Drop Box Planning
Neighborhood Traffic Public Works
New Commercial Packet Building
New Residential Construction Building
Online Library Card Application Library
Palisades Parks and Recreation
Parks & Recreation Classes & Activities Parks and Recreation
Parks & Recreation On Call Job Application Parks and Recreation
Parks & Recreation Scholarship Application Parks and Recreation
Parks & Recreation Studies and Reports Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Application Parks and Recreation
Parks General Information Parks and Recreation
Parks Plans & Projects Parks and Recreation
Passport Service at City Hall Finance
Pay Your Utility Bill - EasyPay Finance
Pet Memorial Library
Photo Contest Public Affairs
Picnic Shelter Reservations Parks and Recreation
Plea Petition Municipal Court
Plumbing Permit Application (Residential or Commercial) Building
Police Feedback Webform Police
Pre-Application Conference Planning
Program Survey Form Parks and Recreation