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3D Printer

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

**** Not currently accepting new jobs until backlog is complete ****



You can have your files printed on the 3D printer --those you have created or from or other sites.  Please see information and procedures for printing below.  


Requirements for print jobs:

1. Files must be in .STL format.

2. Maximum Printing/Build size 8" x 5" x 5".

3. Material is PLA or ABS plastic.

4. We have a number of colors of plastic; typically we use what is currently in the printer.  If you need a specific color we can discuss it with you.

5. Printed items are not suitable for repeated use with food.

6. Google SketchUp , AutoCAD, and other CAD programs that output in the .STL file type can be used to design objects.

7. Files from Thingiverse may be used:

8. Call 503.675.2535 to make a printing appointment with Todd Feinman, Librarian.

9. You will be charged for your printed items based on their weight relative to the weight of the plastic spool; many items would cost under a dollar.

10. You will be notified when your item is printed; pick it up at the Reference Desk and pay for it there.

Some Limitations:

1. We are unable to print extremely high definition files with the printer.

2. We might not be able to print some items successfully.  We will immediately try to print the item a second time if the first print fails.

3. We cannot print items that will take over four hours to print. Objects that are too large will be scaled down to a size that is printable for us.

4. Very small objects with detail do not print well.

5. We cannot guarantee an exact turnaround time for print jobs or adhere to deadlines for print jobs; sometimes we get backed up with many print jobs or staff must work on other library projects.

Printing is limited to one job per week per person, up to four per month.

Call Todd Feinman, Librarian, at 503.675.2535 if you have questions!