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Annual Storytelling Festival

Lake Oswego Library Storytelling Festival

What's your story? 

We had a very successful second annual Lake Oswego Public Library Storytelling Festival!  View the schedule to see what you missed and be sure to join us next October.  You can also view and print the PDF.

What is the Lake Oswego Public Library Storytelling Festival?

The Lake Oswego Public Library Storytelling Festival is a week-long celebration of the art of storytelling.  The week is full of storytelling workshops and performances that demonstrate the interactive art of telling a story using nothing more than words and actions.

Is storytelling just for kids?

No!  Storytelling is for everyone! There will be a special workshop and matinee for kids this year, but also many wonderful programs for the “young at heart”!

Is there a cost?

Thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library, all storytelling festival events are free.

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