Dr. Mark Reaksecker: Healthy Body, Happy Life

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Dr. Mark Reaksecker

Healthy Body, Happy Life

Thursday, October 12, 7-8 pm

Dr. Mark Reaksecker’s book describes his personal struggle with cancer and the knowledge he gained in attempting to become healthy.  Dr. Mark marveled at the complexity and capabilities of the human body’s ability to heal, even from dire circumstances. His subsequent in-depth study of nutrition and cancer, how they affect the human body led him to understand how biology, physiology, and chemistry all play interactive roles.  Healthy Body, Happy Life is the result of six years of his passion and the unending desire to learn.

To live a healthier life he believes that we must pursue a paradigm lifestyle shift—what Dr. Mark calls the Garden of Eden Lifestyle—encompassing a Garden of Eden diet if we are to progress toward health.  Our ancestors lived long lives without many of the diseases present today—and cancer was rare. Pursuing this model for living can bring us back to a life of health and happiness.

The ancients may have not realized that their lifestyle promoted a leaner stronger body, free of disease. Their four secrets are outlined in Healthy Body, Happy Life, A Non-Diet Lifestyle Guide to Develop a Leaner, Stronger Body While Avoiding Cancer and Other Diseases.

Dr. Mark is a 1988 graduate, with honors, from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.  While there, he won the Oregon Society of Periodontists’ “Outstanding Senior in Periodontics” award.  He was a general dentist in Clackamas and a member of the ADA (American Dental Association) for over 28 years.  Dr. Mark lives in Oregon City with his wife Lori.