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Lake Oswego Public Library

Historical Fiction: WW II

Number the Stars Cover


Author Book Title
Angus, Sam A Horse Called Hero (England)
Adler, David Don't Talk to me About the War (US)
Avi Don't You Know There is a War On?  (US)
Bloor, Edward London Calling (England)
Booth, Martin War Dog (Europe)
Bradley, Kimberly For Freedom (France)
Calkhoven, Laurie Michael at the Invasions of France, 1943 (France)
Chapman, Fern schumer Is it Night or Day (US)
Cheaney, J.B. My Friend the Enemy (US)
Cooper, Susan Dawn of Fear (Great Britain)
Denenberg, Barry

The Journal of Ben Uchida:  Citizen #13559 Mirror Lake Internment Camp (My Name is America)

Fitzmaurice, Kathryn Diamond in the Desert (Japanese Internment)
Gallico, Paul The Snow Goose (France)
Giff, Patricia Lily's Crossing (US)
  Willow Run (US)
Glatshteyn, Yankev Emil and Karl (Austria)
Greene, Bette Summer of My German Soldier (US)
Hartnett, Sonya The Children of the King (England)
Hughes, Shirley Hero on a Bicycle (Italy)
Larson, Kirby Duke (US)
Dash (US: Internment)
Magorian, Michelle Goodnight Mr. Tom (England)
Myers, Walter Dean The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins (Normandy)
Napoli, Donna Jo Fire in the Hills (sequel to Stones in Water)
  Stones in Water (Italy & Germany)
Osborne, Mary Pope My Secret War:  The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck (US) (Dear America)
Patneaude, David Thin Wood Walls (US, Japanese Internment Camps)
Park, Linda Sue When My Name was Keoko (Korea)
Paulsen, Gary The Cookcamp (US)
Pearsall, Shelley Jump Into the Sky (US)
Pratchett, Terry Johnny and the Bomb (England)
Ruby, Lois Shanghai Shadows (China)
Salisbury, Graham Under the Blood Red Sun (Hawaii, Pearl Harbor)
Stone, Phoebe The Romeo and Juliet Code (US, ciphers)
Thor, Annika A Faraway Island (Sweden)
  The Lily Pond (sequel)
Watkins, Yoko So Far From the Bamboo Grove (Korea/Japan)
Wolff, Virginia Euwer Bat 6 (US)
Zindel, Paul The Gadget (US, Manhattan Project)
Holocaust Fiction
Baer, Edith Walk the Dark Streets (Germany)
Barth-Grozinger, Inge Something Remains (Germany)
Bergman, Tamar Along the Tracks (Soviet Union)
Greif, Jean-Jacques The Fighter
Isaacs, Anne Torn Thread (Czecholslovakia)
Kerr, Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Germany)
Lowry, Lois Number the Stars (Denmark)
Matas, Carol Daniel's Story
  Greater than Angels (France)
  In my Enemy's House (Germany)
  Lisa's War (Denmark)
Morpurgo, Michael Waiting for Anya (France)
Orgel, Doris The Devil in Vienna (Austria)
Orlev, Uri The Island on Bird Street (Poland)
  Run, Boy, Run (Poland)
Voorhoeve, Anne My Family for the War (England)
Vos, Ida Dancing on the Bridge of Avignon (Holland)
  The Key is Lost (Holland)
Williams, Laura Behind the Bedroom Wall (Germany)
Yolen, Jane Devil's Arithmetic (Poland)