Main Floor Improvement Project

1/25 IMPORTANT UPDATE: The first floor is back open to the public! Enjoy bright lighting, new carpet, and lots of beautiful new shelves with maple endcaps. Please keep in mind, we are working hard to get the collections back in perfect order, so please ask staff to help locate anything you need. Thank you for all of your flexibility!



1/23 UPDATE: We are on the home stretch! Staff and volunteers moved thousands of library materials back onto the beautful bright new shelves today. We will continue the unloading of the main floor collections with hopes of reopening the rest of the floor to patrons on Saturday, January 26th. 

1/16 UPDATE: Carpeting is complete and new bookshelves are beginning to move back in! We are right on schedule. Come check it out!


This January, Lake Oswego Public Library’s main floor collection space will be upgraded! 

The first phase of the project has begun and we are excited to see the beginning of our main floor transformation. Currently, main floor collections are being packed up and moved to storage for the duration of the project, but not to worry! We will have plenty of popular items to browse, as we are open to the public and invite you to stop in and see the progress at any time. Staff are available to assist in any way possible and help locate materials. Thank you for your flexibitlity and patience during this time of exciting change. 

FAQ:  Main Floor Upgrades 2019

What work is being done? 

Deteriorating shelving and carpeting are being replaced on the main floor. Because it is deteriorating, we do not feel that the shelving is in good enough condition to be sold or donated, so it will be professionally removed. 

How can I access materials from the main floor?

Library staff are here to help!  Ask us to show you the temporary shelving locations for a selection of fiction, DVDs, magazines, and other main floor collections.  Librarians are also readily available to request materials from other LINCC libraries if our copy of an item is in storage; it typically takes 2 days for an available item at another LINCC library to arrive at LOPL to fill your hold. 

Will the library’s hours be affected by the work?

The library intends to remain open for normal operating hours.

What should I expect to experience at the library DURING CONSTRUCTION?

The library will remain open, but there will be safety measures in place and periods of disruptive noise and/or vibrations.
Main floor stacks and seating areas will be inaccessible while upgrades are made.
Recently returned materials will be available to browse and borrow, but the majority of main floor collections will be in off-site storage.
All service desks will remain open and library staff will be readily available to help locate materials and/or place holds.

What should I expect on the main floor POST-CONSTRUCTION?

  • A clean, bright space featuring new, sturdy shelving in a similar layout

  • New carpeting throughout (matching the newer carpet tile in the lobby)

  • Off-white metal shelving with maple endcaps (matching the new shelving in the lobby) where deteriorating wooden shelving used to be

  • Black metal shelving will be reinstalled in some areas

  • Upgraded LED lighting

  • A unified adult fiction collection

What does “a unified adult fiction collection” mean?

Unifying the adult fiction collection means that fiction genres will no longer be isolated; fiction will simply be shelved by author, A-Z.  Librarians are recommending this change based on many years of experience helping people use the library, and seeing and hearing from frustrated citizens who cannot easily navigate multiple subsections to find what they are looking for. 

Will genre labels remain?

Definitely!  If you prefer a particular genre of fiction, you will still be able to browse for those items by their colored spine labels.