Neighborhood Photos Gallery

Missed our gallery of neighborhood photos displayed in the library during the Storytelling Festival?  Now you can see them online and read the stories behind the pictures in our online gallery!



Sundeleaf Plaza by Marylou Colver

"Sundeleaf Plaza is close to my neighborhood of Old Town.  The plaza not only honors one of Lake Oswego's most prolific architects, it's a great place to watch the sun set."

Wizer's Grocery

"This was taken inside the lobby at Wizer's Grocery on A Avenue.  I love this spot because it reminds me of my childhood trips to the market with my mom.  She would give us some coins to spend while she went shopping and we would stand in front of this bountiful array of toys and candy trying to decide what to get.  This lobby still looks like it probably did back in the 60's when all a kid had to worry about was choosing between gum and a superball." - Sarah DeMerritt


"Every day Ozzie (our yellow lab) gets to go for a walk.  It's one of our favorite times of day.  Often my husband, Bob, and I are together walking with Ozzie in all types of weather.  We all love George Rogers Park and this picture was taken just after crossing the bridge from the parking lot over Oswego Creek.  Ozzie is looking back to make sure we are heading in the same direction.  We love this spot for the beauty, peacefulness, views and wildlife that change day to day and season to season."
- Terry Jordan

Mountain Park Neighborhood Trail

"What makes Lake Oswego so unique is that you can walk out your front door in almost any neighborhood and you are embrace by the outdoors.  Whether it is with my camera, on a walk with my children and our dog, or running, the trails in the Mountain Park neighborhood are a place where I can get away amidst it all.  A place where I can watch the light play through the lush trees, observe wildlife up close, greet neighbors, and watch my children build memories as they explore the rich outdoors that our neighborhood trails have to offer." - Alison Breeden

Old River Road in Glenmorrie

"Old River Road -- Early morning yoga class to salute the sun rising over the Willamette."
- Anonymous

Evergreen Rd.

"Evergreen Rd & 3rd St -- While I walk through this part of town, even at night, it shares with me a warm and welcoming feeling." 
- Anonymous

Dinosaur House

"'Do you want to visit the dinosaurs?' I'd ask my son, Henry, when he was little. He would nod eagerly and we'd walk slowly through our neighborhood, First Addition. As we neared the corner house known in the neighborhood as the "Dinosaur House", Henry would get excited.  Would there be new dinosaurs?  At the terraced slope at the base of a tree, we'd make a quick inventory of the animals. "There's a new stegosaurus!" he'd say, and we'd make up a story to explain how the stegosaurus migrated to First Addition.

Sometimes we'd leave a dinosaur from Henry's collection and take one back to 
our house in a sort of Rotary Dinosaur Exchange program. We knew we might 
never see our dinosaur again. If, on our next visit, we didn't see Henry's 
dinosaur we'd make up another story on our walk home.  "Mr. T Rex fell in love 
with a beautiful triceratops and they decided to move to Hollywood to work in 

Now my son is a teenager. The Dinosaur House is still there and the dinosaurs 
remain an ever changing cast of characters. Knowing new children visit the 
dinosaurs now, move them, and exchange them makes me smile every time I walk 
- Tiffany Talbott

Glenmorrie Bench

"A private bench overlooking the river in Glenmorrie." 
- Anonymous

Metallic Tree

"Pathway by Lakewood Bay -- The metallic tree is one of my favorite sculptures in the community.  Among the vast array of trees near and far, this tree sculpture stands out as an individual.  Every time I walk near this metallic tree it always catches my attention."
- Anonymous