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Lake Oswego Public Library

The library will be closed Monday, February 15th for Presidents' Day.

News about Rwanda

Read some of the latest news about Rwanda 

2.21.2013, CNN:
"Woman lied about role in Rwanda genocide, U.S. jury says"

2.15.2013, The Guardian:
"Cricket stadium to rise in shadow of Rwandan massacre"

2.15.2013, New Zealand Herald:
"Rwandan in Norway given 21 years for genocide" (linked expired)

2.14.2013, New York Times:
"Norway: Rwandan Convicted for His Role in 1994 Genocide"

2.13.2013, Concord Monitor:
"Judge expresses frustration with prosecution in Rwanda genocide trial"

2.13.2013, The Guardian:
"UPEI offers promising future to refugee from Rwanda" (link expired)

2.11.2013, ABC News:
"Protests in Rwanda Over Genocide Acquittals"

2.08.2013, Concord Monitor:
"Two witnesses detail Rwanda genocide during trial of Manchester woman"

2.08.2013, Reuters:
"Rwanda puts genocide tribunal's legacy under the spotlight"

2.08.2013, Sandusky Register:
"Woman shares story of Rwanda survival at BGSU Firelands"

2.07.2013, allAfrica:
"Rwanda Threatens to Expel ICTR Observers"