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City of Lake Oswego Downtown

State Street Pedestrian Improvements

Project Background/Summary

There are sections of sidewalk that are cracked and have uneven surfaces on the west side of State Street as a result of tree root damage.  City Code requires property owners to maintain the abutting sidewalk in front of their property.  Five property owners along State Street between A and B Avenue considered this an opportunity to go beyond a routine sidewalk fix and make significant improvements consistent with other improvements found in the downtown.  They proposed partnering with the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) and to share in the cost of the proposed improvements.  In December 2013, the LORA Board directed staff to develop a cost sharing agreement and work with property owners to make these improvements.

In May 2015, the LORA Board awarded a contract to Weitman Excavation, LLC to begin construction of the improvements.  Construction will begin in early June and be completed by mid August.


Project Description

Improvements include repairing cracked and uneven sections and incorporating similar design elements as those found on 2nd Street - brick accents, landscaping, decorative railings, street lights and trees. This project - with five property owners partnering with LORA to share in the cost of the proposed improvements - is a great example of a public-private partnership that improves the City’s northern gateway and benefits the downtown area.


The contractor is permitted to work between 7:00  am – 6:00 pm, Monday – Friday.  One lane on State Street may be closed between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Anticipated upcoming work week schedule:

Week of 7/6 - 7/10:

  • Monday - form and prepare for final concrete pour
  • Tuesday – pour public parking lot driveway, landscape retaining curb, ADA ramp and the remainder of the sidewalk
  • Wed-Fri – prepare for irrigation, landscaping and brick


Week of 6/29 – 7/3:

  • Early part of week (anticipated Monday  and Tuesday), form and pour the sidewalk and driveway from B Ave to the public parking lot driveway
  • Install street lights
  • Continue preparations for sidewalk pour next week
  • Friday - NO WORK


Week of 6/22  -  6/26:

  • Utility Trenching:  Work will continue on trenching for irrigation and electrical service.
  • Sidewalks:  Grading will begin in front of TD Barber’s and move south.  We’re hoping to begin framing by mid-week and possibly pour some of the sidewalks in the next couple of weeks.


Work for 6/15  -  6/19:

  • Demolition:Bill’s Gas Station driveways and sidewalk.  We anticipate the driveways will be poured on Tuesday.  Driveways will be closed Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Finish small section of sidewalk demolition in front of the bridal store.
  • Trenching and preparation for electrical and landscape improvements.


Work for 6/8  -  6/12:

  • Staging and mobilization:
    • The project will be using the four parking spaces on the south side of the parking lot towards the sidewalk throughout the duration of the project for materials and other equipment storage.  The remaining four parking spaces on the south side towards the alley will be temporarily converted to 30-minute parking for the duration of the project.
  • Sidewalk demolition:
    • Demolition will starting at TD Barber shop and moving south.
  • Tree removal:
    • Seven trees along the sidewalk will be removed in the early part of the week.
  • Install erosion control measures
  • Saw cutting sidewalks
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Proposed improvements on the west side of State St between A and B ave
Example of brick accent and decorative railing to be used on State Street
Proposed acorn style light to be used on State Street
Brick and tree grate detail for State Street
State Street will include 8-foot wide sidewalks, brick and landscaping similar that found on Second Street
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