Steering Committee

Lake Oswego Reads Steering Committee 2020:

Kristy Aalberg, Lake Oswego High School

Bill Baars, retired Library Director

Elaine Culbert, Lakeridge High School student

Nell Diamond, Lake Oswego Library

Holly Dottarar, Lakeridge Jr. High School

Olivia Eaton, Lakeridge High School Student

Andrew Edwards, Lakewood Center for the Arts

Joann Geddes, Lewis & Clark College

Cyndie Glazer, Lake Oswego Library

Paul Graham, Resident

Agnes Hoffman, Resident

Terry Huber, Friends of the Library

Cameron Iizuka, Lake Oswego High School student

Melissa Kelly, LO Library, Director

Naomi Kirchner, Lakeridge High School Teacher

Ricky Korach, Retired English Teacher

Lilly Logan, Member at large

Nancy Niland, Resident

Shannon Sedell, LO Library Librarian

Gary Stein, Member at large

Lake Oswego Reads Events Committee:

Sharon Callen

Nicolette Hume

Lilly Logan

Teresa Schader

Pat Squire

Lynn Taylor

Lake Oswego Reads Art Exhibition Director:

Jan Rimerman