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Lake Oswego Reads William Stafford

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  • Kim Stafford
    Check this out: Tualatin Valley Community TV taped Kim Stafford's presentation on February 13.  The program will playback on these days thru the end of May.
  • William Stafford Discussion Group #1
    Monday, February 3, 3:00 pm at Lake Oswego Public Library. Join in a special William Stafford Discussion Group! Come share one of your favorite Stafford poems and discuss his life and works with your fellow poetry enthusiasts.
  • Words that burn
    Monday, February 3, 7:00 pm at Lake Oswego Public Library.  World War II built many walls.  In Europe, walls of barbed wire surrounded death camps for Jews.  Here in the United States, Japanese-Americans were confined in internment camps, and conscientious objectors in Civilian Public Service camps.
  • Paula Sinclair
    Tuesday, February 4, 7:00 pm at Lake Oswego Public Library.  Singer/composer Paula Sinclair was inspired to set her most beloved poems to original music starting in 2006, interpreting the poems’ feel and imagery through vocals and acoustic guitar.
  • Jeremy Skinner
    Wednesday, February 5, 7:00 pm at Oswego Heritage House, 398 10th Street.  Jeremy Skinner will speak about the history of William Stafford's life as a writer from what he learned while developing the recently published master work William Stafford: An Annotated Bibliography.
  • William Stafford
    February 1 to March 7. For a full list of all Lake Oswego Reads William Stafford events visit the Lake Oswego Reads Events webpage. .