2019 Tinseltown Trolley

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 2:15pm to Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 6:00pm

Tinseltown Trolley

Friday, December 13, 2:15pm-4:45pm
Saturday, December 14, 10:30am-6pm
Sunday, December 15, 10:45-6pm
Willamette Shore Trolley:  311 N State Street

20170               2:15pm              FRIDAY Departure 
20171               3:30pm              FRIDAY Departure 
20172               4:45pm              FRIDAY Departure 

20168              10:30am            SATURDAY Departure 
20116               11:45am            SATURDAY Departure 
20107               1pm                  SATURDAY Departure 
20108               2:15pm             SATURDAY Departure 
20109               3:30pm             SATURDAY Departure 
20110               4:45pm             SATURDAY Departure 
20111               6pm                  SATURDAY Departure 

20169              10:45am            SUNDAY Departure 
20122              12pm                 SUNDAY Departure 
20127              1:30pm              SUNDAY Departure             
20128              3pm                   SUNDAY Departure 
20129              4:30pm              SUNDAY Departure 
20130              6pm                   SUNDAY Departure 

Discover the magic of the holiday season with a yuletide ride on the historic Willamette Shore Trolley.  Children delight in a merry experience aboard the decorated trolley that includes holiday lights, games, sweet treats, carols and more!  As the trolley makes its way back to the station, guests are treated to a visit from a very special guest all the way from the North Pole. Create a new family tradition with Tinseltown Trolley.   

To purchase a ticket, visit www.loparks.org or call 503-675-2549. $17 for children (12 and under); $20 for adults. Rides last approximately 45 minutes. All aboard!

Special Thanks to our sponsors:
Willamette Shore Trolley
311 N State Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034