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City of Lake Oswego Teen Scene

After School Activity Program (ASAP)

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Now Junior High Students (6th-8th grades) in Lake Oswego have something to do after school! 

Located in the LO Teen Lounge, 1500 Greentree Rd (Palisades)

ASAP runs from 3pm-5pm daily (open at 2pm for early-release Thursdays)
The Lounge closes at 7pm Monday-Friday


 ASAP allows youth to explore and develop new interests while connecting with fellow students. The participants are actively involved in creating, planning, and participating in a variety activities. A snack is provided daily and activities range from daily classes & clubs, pool, foosball, skeeball, homework help, craft projects, sports
competitions and more!

Participants are required to register for ASAP after October 1, 2015
ASAP Registration for 2015-16: $75 per year

Students who wish to attend ASAP and are not registered will be required to pay a daily $2 drop in fee.
*Registration includes access to all classes & clubs, tutoring, homework help and more!

Lake Oswego Jr. High:
Students may ride the Parks & Recreation vans to Palisades. Vans will be marked and parked outside the cafeteria and by the gym behind the school buses each day after school.
Lakeridge Jr. High: Students may ride school bus #11 to the front of Palisades. You may need to send a note with your child to alert bus drivers if this is a different bus than your usual route.