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Farmers' Market Vendors

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Interested in finding a particular vendor at the Market?  Below, you will find a list of vendors and products from the 2013 Lake Oswego Farmers' Market.

-Baird Family Orchards:
-Big B Farm, Inc
-Blue Raeven Farmstand:
-Chile Doctor Peppers
-Crawford's Nursery and Produce
-Dancing Chicken Farm:
-De Martini Family Farms
-DeNoble's Farm fresh Produce:
-Galin-Flory Farms:
-Garden Color
-Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese:
-Greens Bridge Gardens / Laube Farms
-Groundwork Organics:
-Happy Harvest Farm
-Hoffman's Dairy Garden
-KCK Farms
-Ken & June's Hazelnuts: 
-Kiyokawa Family Orchards
-Liepold Farms:
-Linda Brand Crab:
-Maryhill Orchards & Vineyards
-Naked Acres:
-Northern Pacific Farm:
-Portland Creamery:
-Ridgefield Hydrofarm
-Springwater Farm
-Stoller Farms
-Stroupe Farms:
-Sweet Briar Farms:
-Vang's Garden:
-Victoria's Lavender:
-Willamette Valley Cheese:

Refreshment Vendors:
-A Blooming Hill Vineyard:
-Bambuza Vietnam Bistro:
-Big O's Delicious Pizza:
-Blue Ribbon Bakery
-Brazi Bites:
-Chuck's Place:
-Country Grains Deli & Catering:
-El Pilon
-Faustine's Bakery:
-Fetzer's German Sausage:
-Granny Fi's
-Green Card Salsa:
-Hammer & Tuffy's Hand Roasted Granola:
-Happy Campers Gluten Free Baking:
-House of Bread:
-Island Shave Ice
-Kat's Crêpes:
-Katula Herbs:
-Kelly's Jelly:
-Klassic Kettlecorn
-Lowhill Village Bakery:
-Malou's Gourmet Brittle & More:
-Mari's Muffins:
-Market Pasta:
-Marshall's Haute Sauce:
-Nut-Tritious Foods:
-Olympic Provisions:
-Philly's Fat Omelets
-Pop-a-Bak Baklava:
-Souper Natural:
-The Hummus Stop:
-The Tamale House
-Verde Cocina:
-Zoe Ann's Cheesecakes:

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Big O's PizzaMaryhill OrchardsZoe Ann's Cheesecakes