Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

Blossom, Greenie and Oak upped their hiding game! The 3 gnomes hide in 3 natural park areas each month...then the Gnomes Roam!  Check back monthly to learn new locations. Snap a pic and post your discovery on Instagram or Facebook!  Happy hunting



The gnomes found 3 new parks to hide in and challenge you to locate them. Discover incredible park natural areas, winding trails and tranquil forests as you look for the gnomes.

Canal Acres

Put on your “Got Gnomes?” goggles and explore Canal Acres’ 31 natural acres. Our 3 friends in red pointy hats have followed forest trails off the main trailhead…happy hunting!

Location: 13900 Canal Rd.     ( Parking available in the Bryant Woods Nature Park parking lot.)


Freepons Park

It’s time for a work out as the gnomes headed for the hills in Freepons Park! Explore trails that wind up, up, up through the woods in this 6 acre park.

Location: 1399 Bickner St.


George Rogers Natural Area

Get ready for an adventure! Walk across Oswego Creek bridge and turn RIGHT. Follow the trail along Oswego Creek, stroll through Maple trees, pass under an historic bridge and climb around boulders carpeted in licorice ferns. One gnome awaits off a small side path in this 26 acre park.

Location: 611 State St.        (Park in or near the lower parking lot by the Willamette River.)



















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