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in Parks and Natural Areas

Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department has several recognized Friends Groups and Neighborhood Associations that continue to provide hundreds of hours of volunteer maintenance/invasive control in several of Lake Oswego's parks.  The Friends Groups are a grass roots movement of dedicated volunteers that work with the City staff and organize work years in advance.  Some Neighborhood Associations* have also adopted local parks and provide many hours of invasive control as well.  These groups have been integral in the successful removal of invasive flora that infest parks and natural areas throughout the region.  Invasive removal occurs during the many work parties throughout year in coordination with the Friends Group leads and City staff.

*For Neighborhood Association Resources scroll toward the bottom of the page.



Over 250 eager volunteers donated time, energy and endless smiles as they gave back to the natural areas in 3 of Lake Oswego's Parks.  Ryan Stee, Megan Big John and the heads of Hallinan Heights, Southwood and Woodmont Friends Groups worked shoulder to shoulder with the ambitious volunteers


The majority of the volunteers were stationed at Freepons Park to lend helping hands for two and a half hours. The  Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints provided the bulk of volunteers.  Barbara and Jim Fisher (FOHH) mentored around a hundred adults and teens as they removed ivy in Freepons Park. Barbara reported about 75% of the trees are now ivy free! Trash that was hidden under ivy filled up 4 large bags!   About a hundred adults and young children spread huge piles of bark chips, scrubbed playground equipment, weeded flower beds, cleaned light fixtures and bike racks. Also, several folks strolling through Freepons Park stopped by the registration area to see what was going on and ended up putting on gloves, grabbing a pruner and removing invasive plants.


Across town at Southwood Park, Mary Solares (FOSW) directed about 30 volunteers that cut a swath through blackberry thickets to reach 25 trees that they then freed from ivy. This seclude area was difficult to get to and these heroic volunteers persevered!  Mary reports that the main area of the park is now free from invasives! Frank Ness (FOSW) was there to mentor the volunteers as they eradicated the ivy and blackberry vines. This area was challenging and these volunteers rocked it!

At Woodmont Park, Heidi Schrimsher (FOWP) and Eric Hirschberger worked with over a dozen volunteers of all ages to eradicate invasives. They were treated to cake and cookies provided by a very elderly neighbor who wanted to be "part of the volunteer outreach!" Woodmont Park is the test park for the city to only use manual labor to remove invasives. Heidi noted that it takes a great number of man hours, with repeated work parties, to keep ahead of the invasive growth. All are welcome to join Woodmont's next work party,Sun., Sept. 27th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.

 We hope to have more Mega Stewardship events like this that make a huge impact in our parks' beautiful natural areas!



The Parks Department showed appreciation for its many dedicated Friends and Neighborhood Groups volunteers with a festive Bar B Que at Luscher Farm.  The Parks staff, Mayor Studebaker, City Manager Scott Lazenby and Councilors Joe Buck, Jeff Gudman and Jackie Manz came out to thank the celebrated volunteers.  All 7 friends Groups and  Neighborhood Groups were represented along with Boy Scouts, church groups and jr high and high schools. Close to 100 folks enjoyed a tasty dinner and witnessed The Big Stewardship Reveal when Mayor Studebaker commissioned a new cargo trailer and tools for the Stewardship program! Megan Big John of Parks Maintenance and Ryan Stee, the Parks Planning and Natural Resource Manager shared that the City manages over 628 acres of parks. Over 450 acres of these parks are natural areas with various functions. There is great appreciation for the Stewardship program volunteers that have helped remove invasive species from the parks for over 20 years!

Among these amazing volunteers are individuals who have gone above and beyond in service to the parks.  These outstanding volunteers are leaders who have contributed countless hours to help protect and mentor the natural areas Lake Oswego’s diverse and beautiful parks. They collaborated with the city to help develop work plans for the natural areas of the parks. They created and scheduled volunteer work parties, attended Quarterly Friends Group Forums, helped recruit volunteers and oversaw the training of volunteers. These park stewards have encouraged dozens of volunteers in the blistering sun, torrential downpours, frosty mornings and the net result was hundreds of trees were freed from ivy and hundreds of hours were devoted to pulling out invasive species from the parks’ natural areas. Ivan Anderholm, the Parks and Recreation Director, acknowledged the incredible work gifted by a special group of Honored Park Stewards. Bravo!

The Parks and Recreation Stewardship Program has recognized and honored the following volunteers for Outstanding Stewardship Service 2014 – 2015:

Friends of East Waluga

Will Mahoney Watson and Cheryl Uchida

Friends of Iron Mountain Park

Mike Buck and Joy Prideaux

Friends of Lusher Farm

Laura Masterson and Heidi Schrimsher

Friends of Rogerson Clematis

Nancy Gronowski

Friends of Southwood Park

Frank Ness, Mary Solares and Kim Valley

Friends of Springbrook Park

Jim Evans, Paul Lyons, Doug McKean

Friends of Woodmont Park

Heidi Schrimsher and Craig Stephens

Friends of Hallinan Woods (In process)

Barbara Fisher and Jim Fisher

Glenmorrie Neighborhood

Jon Bradley and Judy Dauble

And That's the Way We Roll....

Attendees had the option to take part in a very unique contest: to Name the Stewardship Wheelbarrows! The judges agonized over the selection of just 2 names from 72 witty monikers that were submitted. After much deliberation, the 2 names selected just happened to be from the same contestant.  And that's the way we roll!

First Place: Paul Lyons   Paul will receive a $20 gift card from Kyra's Bake Shop

Wheely and Dumpy

Runner Up: Kim Studebaker   Kim will receive a $10 gift card from Kyra's Bake Shop

Ollie Oswego and Stan the Steward


Couldn't resist sharing a few other clever names submitted:

Paul Bunyan and Big Blue: Lana Sim

Clyde (s) and Dale (Work horses): Stephanie Barton

Rusty and Bertha: Mary Solares

Hercules Hauler and Iron Man: Jen Van Wagoner



Thank you to the seven Friends Groups and the  Neighborhood group that shared valuable insights, asked great questions and enjoyed networking with each other at the Quarterly Forum. The Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department holds quarterly forum events as a benefit to the wonderful  friends and neighbor groups who have adopted Lake Oswego Parks to assist with invasive species removal efforts. This was a great opportunity to hear the latest restoration methodologies, meet our Park Ranger, hear about upcoming events, and network with other community members that are passionate about our natural  parks.  The event was held at the West End Building (4101 Kruse Way) from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Santiam Room.

For more information please contact Babs Hamachek at 503-534-5697 or




Date & Time

Sun., Nov. 15, 2015

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Weed Warriors Wanted!   Friends of Iron Mountain welcome you to help them wage battle against the smothering ivy and invasive weeds that live in the 50.99 acres of natural park. Native species are just waiting to be freed from the ivy and your help at Iron Mountain Park will make a difference! The park contains a unique plant community, birds of prey and owls.  Deer are common visitors along the paths!

Please wear closed toe shoes that are good for uneven ground, bring gloves and water to drink. Rain or shine!

Park at trail head found off Brookside Rd. (behind the Oswego Hunt Club on Iron Mt. Blvd.)

Contact: Mike Buck



To learn more about and connect with a Friends Group to volunteer see below.

Friends of Springbrook Park Website CLICK HERE

Friends of Iron Mountain Park (formally Friends of Brookside) Contact Mike Buck at or 503-914-8607

Friends of East Waluga Park contact Will Mahoney Watson at also CLICK HERE to visit the Waluga Neighborhood Association Website at

Friends Groups Resources

Per Resolution 08-83 The Lake Oswego City Council established an administrative policy for park and natural area friends groups.  To read that resolution CLICK HERE. The resolution will explain the intent of friends groups and provide some guidelines.


If you are interested in starting a friends group there are a few steps to follow below:

  1. Organize a group of interested people. The group must consist of at least four active members.
  2. The group members must fill out the Friends Group Application and attach a five year work strategy. This will be submitted to the City for review. CLICK HERE for the Friends Group Application.
  3. Submit your application to Babs Hamachek, Parks Stewardship Coordinator, with the Parks and Recreation Department at or 503-534-5697.
  4. The application will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Department.  Staff will work with your group to align your 5 year project ideas (5 year work strategy) with current and future City work plans, making sure they coordinate.CLICK HERE for the 5 year work strategy.
  5. The application will then go to both the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Natural Resource Advisory Board for recommendation then presented to Council for approval. Once approved the Friends Group will sign a 5 year agreement and they will be officially recognized by the City.
  6. The final step will involve the Friends Group to fill out a more detailed work plan for each fiscal year.
**See annual work plan submittal deadlines in the next section.
  1. The annual work plan will be reviewed by staff and aligned with current City work plans and goals.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Babs Hamachek at 503-534-5697.  Staff is here to help and make the process efficient and as simple as possible.


FY 2015 - 2016 *** WORK PLAN DUE DATES.

Due to changes in budgeting the annual work plan dates have changed. No longer will work plans be due 8 months before the next fiscal year. Due dates are now May 15 prior to the next fiscal year (1.5 months prior). Contact Babs Hamachek for additional questions.

Fiscal Year

Due Date



May 15, 2015

CLICK HERE for 2015/16 Annual Work Plan Form


*** Work plan timelines are based on the fiscal year (FY) which runs annually from July 1 to June 30.

Please submit work plans to Babs Hamachek, Parks Stewardship Coordinator at or mail to P.O. Box 369, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Babs Hamachek at 503-534-5697.


Neighborhood Associations also play a vital role in Park and Natural area stewardship.  The following Neighborhood Associations may have stewardship opportunities in parks within their boundaries.

Neighborhood Association Stewards
Neighborhood Association “Adopted” Park/Natural Area Contact Information

Glenmorrie Neighborhood Association

Glenmorrie Greenway

Jon Bell

Hallinan Neighborhood Association Hallinan Greenway

Barbara Fisher

Jim Fisher

Westwood Neighborhood Association Southwood Park


Kim Valley



Neighborhood Associations that wish to have stewardship work parties within parks (all public property) need to contact Parks and Recreation.  Please contact Babs Hamachek at or call Babs Hamachek at 503-534-5697.



Invasive removal and planting guide (This will discuss the best times of the year for particular invasive removal and planting for optimal success) -  COMING SOON!

Guidelines for working in Public Properties (This will discuss regulations such as spraying laws)

Friends Forum Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District Invasive Species Presentation CLICK HERE to Download the PDF version (4.4 mb)

If you have any ideas for resources please contact Ryan Stee at