Iron Mountain Management Plan


Iron Mountain Park is a 51+ acres natural character park located north of Oswego Lake in the center of the City. The site has a wealth natural, environmental, scenic, recreational, and cultural resources. Unfortunately, this gem within our community has been Infested with invasive plant species, degraded of stream resources,and a fill locations from flooding. In order to efficiently and economically address these issues and restore the Natural Character Park the Parks and Recreation Department in Partnership with the Friends of Iron Mountain Park are undergoing a resource management planning process.    



The Iron Mountain Management Plan is a cooperative effort between the National Parks Service, Rivers & Trails Conservation Assistance Grant, The Friends of Iron Mountain Park and the City of Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department. To understand what the community considers to be priorities for managing the parks resources stakeholder interviews and partnership meetings were held with neighboring groups and professionals. These included:

  • Lake Oswego Fire Department
  • Lake Oswego Parks Maintenance
  • Lake Oswego Public Works Department
  • Oswego Lake Water Shed Council
  • Uplands Neighborhood Association
  • North Shore Country Club District
  • Friends of Iron Mountain Park
  • Lake Grove Neighborhood Association
  • Oswego Hunt Club

In addition on August 7, 2013 an open house occurred to review initial recommendations, and provide further input on the natural resource management of Iron Mountain Park.

Open House  (Occurred August 7, 2013)

The Friends of Iron Mountain Park and City of Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Dept. have partnered to develop a natural resource management plan for Iron Mountain Park. Please join us for an open house and provide your insight into the long term management of this unique park’s natural resources.  

Draft Goal and Guidelines (Provide Comments Please)




The preliminary draft of the Iron Mountain Management Plan is being developed utilizing professional and community input. Expect the preliminary draft in late August early September. Check back for updates.


Initially the planning process began with an application to the National Park Service (NPS) for a planning assistance grant. The Parks and Recreation Department was awarded the grant which provides a NPS planner to assist with plan development. A partnership was formed with the Friends of Iron Mountain Park to hold outreach events and assist with developing the management plan. Currently we are in the last phase of the public outreach and are developing recommendations based on community input and professionals.



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