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Lake Oswego Tennis Courts

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

There are a number of tennis courts in Lake Oswego. This page lists the tennis courts by location and provides the number of courts and any unique features (fenced, lighted. . .).

Site # of Courts Unique Features
George Rogers Park, 611 State St. 2 Fenced. Located near Upper Picnic Shelter
Westlake Park, 14165 Bunick Dr. 2 Lighted, Fenced
Lake Oswego Indoor Tennis Center, 2900 Diane Dr. 4 4 Court Indoor Facility
South Shore Tennis Court, 1850 South Shore Blvd. 1 Fenced
Lakeridge Junior High, 4700 Jean Rd. 2 Fenced
Lake Oswego High School, 2501 Country Club Rd. 7 Fenced. 3 upper courts, and 4 courts (including 2 singles courts) below baseball field.
Lakeridge High School, 1235 Overlook Dr. 6 Lighted, Fenced. Located  across Overlook from High School