LIVING WELL IN LO - Powered by Parks & Recreation

Leading the Way "Get Healthy!"  

Make a pledge and commit to Living Well in LO and your personal wellness goals. Here's a way to begin with eight ideas to help jump-start your wellness resolution:

1. Pledge to Commit to Health

Take the pledge! Raise your right hand and read this statement:

I pledge to drink more water and say “No, thank you” to sugary drinks.

I pledge to purchase and eat more fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals.

I pledge to help out in the kitchen, like get the ingredients ready for a recipe, set the table or help with the dishes.

I pledge to put away electronics and stretch or go outside to play and exercise.

2. Find a Teammate

Whether you’re sharing photos of healthy treats or organizing a mid-day walking club, find like-minded friends. Team up and get healthy.

3. Save Money with Healthy Hydration

Make an extra effort to drink enough water. Save money and choose water when eating out this month. As you run errands, keep your water bottle handy and aim for balance by making infused water available

4. Unplug

Have a cellphone-free break to foster a supportive atmosphere wherever you are enjoying your healthy snack or meal.

5. Connect with Nature

Use that snow day to start an indoor herb garden. Watch National Recreation & Parks 2-minute Commit to Health video Inspire Wellness with 4 Nature Activities.

6. Start a Smarter Sleep Habit

Take time to refresh with quality sleep and build healthy habits for the New Year. From mindfulness exercises to bedtime relaxation techniques, rest your body and soul for a better you.

7. Gift of Gratitude

Over the next month, take ten minutes once a week to Pause for Appreciation and thank those who have supported you throughout the year.

8. Add Physical Activity to Your Party

Charades and outdoor obstacle courses are easy ways to move more while having fun.

Lake Oswego is a HEAL, Healthy Eating Active Living City dedicated to improving residents’ access to healthy food and supports farmers markets, local agriculture, and healthy restaurants throughout the City. LO also promotes active living by offering trails for walking, biking and connecting plus an array of exercise and movement activities for all ages and abilities.

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation (LOPR) believes our mission is to build community, enrich lives and care for the urban and natural environment and is leading the way to promote healthier lifestyles. We have so many great opportunities to experience beautiful surroundings, make healthier & active choices and live well in the vibrant and caring community of LO.  

Get Acquainted, Get Creative, Get Excited, Get Healthy, Get Help, Get Interested, Get Involved, Get Moving, Get Outdoors, Get Prepared, and Get Together! 

LOPR focuses on dynamic programming and innovative partnership activities that address the six dimensions of wellness: Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Environmental, Social and Emotional. The "Gets" are functions that fuel and assist every citizen desiring to improve overall health and wellness.  Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation is passionate about powering Living Well in LO and invites everyone to participate and join the fun!

Learn more about the history of Living Well in LO through the documents listed under Attachments.

JANUARY IS HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING Well in LO - Powered by Parks & Recreation 

How can I eat well in LO?  Eat at a Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Partner Restaurant!




Support local food sources and agriculture and purchase shares of organically grown produce from Luscher Farm Community Supported Agriculture

**NEW for January is Healthy Eating Active Living Month!** NEW YEARS SHARES are prorated. First share pick up is January 10.

Grow healthy and nutritious food for others and yourself in the Adopt-A-Plot activity at  Luscher Farm Community Gardens

Visit the Lake Oswego Farmers' Market (mid-May through mid-October)

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