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Spring Break Camps!

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Registration for Spring Break Camps is open NOW!
Click the titles below for more information or to register for camps

Glee Camp
A fun week of singing with RMC Studios. Students will learn proper singing technique and posture and have the chance to sing their favorite songs solo and with a group!
Ages 8-12 welcome; held at Palisades
Res $140/Non-Res $161
13009   9a-12p  M-F      3/21-3/25

Beginning Rock Camp
Newcomers are invited to put rock in their roll. Students get a chance to explore the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and vocals, and learn the fundaments of music, such as pitch, melody, harmony, and rhythm.
Ages 5-7 welcome; held at Palisades
Res $140/Non-Res $168
13010   1-4p      M-F      3/21-3/25

Animation Studio Camp
Learn the basics of animation and digital design. This class utilizes Adobe's award winning animation software in Adobe Flash. Students create fun interactive animations that they can share with the world.
Ages 10-17 welcome, held at Palisades
Res $165/Non-Res $190
13011   9a-12p  M-Th     3/21-3/24

Video Game Design Camp
This course provides students with a fun interactive look at the world of video game design and development. Learn the basics of video game design and produce several different interactive video games to share with friends and family.
Ages 10-17 welcome; held at Palisades
Res $175/Non-Res $202
13012   1-4p      M-Th     3/21-3/24

Mad Science Outdoor Adventures
Be prepared to explore the natural world! Spot birds, hunt for insects and learn about animal adaptations. Hone your observation skills and search for animal evidence. Learn to identify trees, record your observations in your own leaf journal and make your own mud!
Ages 5-7 welcome; held at Palisades
Res $162/Non-Res $184
13013   9a-12p  M-F      3/21-3/25

Spy Academy
Look out 007—Spy Academy is in session! From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, campers check out spy equipment and create their own edible message! Discover how to communicate stealthily like real spies.
Ages 7-12 welcome; held at Palisades
Res $162/Non-Res $184
13014   1-4p      M-F      3/21-3/25

Spring Break Farm Camp
Spend your break on the Farm! Campers enjoy arts and crafts, songs and games while exploring the farm. Please wear layered clothing for classroom and outdoor weather.
Res $155/Non-Res $178
Ages 8-12 welcome; held at Luscher Farm
12902 9a-1p    M-F      3/21-3/25

Advanced Survivor Camp
Put down the technology and learn how to use teamwork, leadership and decision making skills when your resources are few. Campers use scenarios such as getting lost, wilderness survival and dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse to develop real survival and primitive skills.
Res $378/Non-Res $435
Ages 8-12 welcome; held at George Rogers Park
13036 9a-4p    M-F      3/21-3/25