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Woodmont Park Plan


Take the survey:

If you live in Lake Oswego, please click on the link below to take a brief survey about Woodmont Natural Park. As we launch our planning process for this wonderful park, we want your input. Thank you in advance for your participation. The Survey will be live until Friday, April 7, please take few minutes now so that your voice is included. Thank you.

Woodmont Natural Park Survey

The Parks and Recreation Department will be undergoing a design process for Woodmont Nature Park. Woodmont Nature Park is a 6.7 acre park located within the City of Lake Oswego. Woodmont Nature Park is considered a city-wide (considered a larger scale than a local park), hybrid character park (integrates natural and developed features throughout the site). The site is predominately pasture with Hawthorne trees with a steep sloped stream, and possible wetland. Much of the natural resource features of the park are degraded and in need of stabilization, restoration and long term management. In addition to the natural features of the park approximately 4.8 acres of land is considered developable. In 2010 the Parks and Recreation Department underwent a system wide community based planning process. Recommendations from this process stated a need to develop a concept plan for the Woodmont Nature Park properties and identified system gaps that could be accommodated within Woodmont Nature Park.


The Woodmont Nature Park  Concept Plan planning process will result in several deliverable to move forward with developing, restoring and managing the site. Some aspects of the plan and planning process are:

  • Delineation of resources (Wetlands, Stream Corridors and Tree Groves) according to Department of State Lands and City of Lake Oswego requirements.
  • Restoration plan for stream and wetland resources.
  • Long term forest management strategy and recommendations.
  • Conceptual site design, featuring amenities consistent with Parks Plan 2025 recommendations and design guidelines for Citywide, Integrated Hybrid Character parks (App. K - PP2025).
  • 60% Construction document for implementation of the project.
  • Public engagement program that will provide ample opportunities for the community to invest in the future concept of the site. Opportunities will be both real time and online!
  • A design team that will translate community input, site opportunities and constraints into a high quality professional park design that is uniquely Lake Oswego!
  • The process is estimated to take 15 months to complete from project initiation.
  • Eventually the park site will be developed and restored to provide a place for the community to recreate and to connect with nature in.


Woodmont Nature Park Deed (Deed Restrictions) CLICK HERE


For more information please refer back to for updated information.