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Posted on: Mar 27 2020 - 4:46pm

2020 Pavement Management Preventative Maintenance - Slurry Seal

Which roads will be getting crack and slurry seal treatment Summer 2020?

About 75 streets across the City will receive crack and slurry seal this summer. A complete list and map of streets is currently being reviewed and will be finalized in January. The list is reviewed for conflicts with other City work and review of budget.

A tentative map is available below (click to expand). Additional outreach will occur in advance of work that will happen this summer. Crack and slurry seal work does not take very long, but will require one full day closure to apply the slurry seal. The City will provide multiple notices in advance of the work. 


Project Updates: 

Tree Trimming in January 2020

Tree trimming will occur this month in several areas of the City. The tree trimming is in advance of preventative maintenance (crack and slurry seal application) that will happen on many roads this summer. A certified arborist will manage the tree trimming work. Tree branches above and near streets will be trimmed to minimize the risk of being broken by large trucks and equipment necessary for applying slurry seal to roads. January is also the best time to minimize impact to bird habitat. 

Tree trimming may occur on many streets.


Slurry Seal
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2020 Pavement Management Preventative Maintenance - Slurry Seal

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