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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Specialist enforces the Sign and Tree Codes, conducts site and field inspections and enforces the City’s Community Development Code covering zoning and development standards. The position serves the community by helping residents maintain viable neighborhoods by assuring compliance from responsible parties.

The Planning and Building Services Department implemented an Inspection Scheduling program, in order to improve customer service and efficiency:

The program applies to:

Tree Protection fencing inspections
• Planning Department inspections required for issued building permits

The purpose of these inspections is to assure compliance with mitigation planting requirements of the Tree Code, street tree planting and compliance with conditions of approval imposed as a part of a land use or building permit review approval.

Inspection Scheduling Program: 

The inspection days and times for conducting the above noted inspections are as follows:
Mondays (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)
Wednesdays  (8:30 am – 11:30 am)
Fridays  (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

The new program affects the following IVR inspection codes:

Accela Inspection Code Description
6120 Tree Preservation & Protection
6140 Landscaping & Tree Mitigation
1990 Final Inspection – LDC (Planning)


The responsibility to address Code Enforcement concerns varies based on the type of complaint.  The list below indicates what department and staff person to call. If you need assistance in resolving a conflict with a neighbor, please call our Citizen Information Center at 503-635-0257.  The Citizen Information Center staff can provide tools and offers mediation services.

Complaint Type Responder Contact

Abandon Building (broken windows, open doors, etc.)


Code Enforcement

Encroachments - Park Property
(dumping, irrigation, fences, brush clearing, etc.)

Parks Park Ranger

Encroachments - Public Streets
(low limbs, big hedges, mulch piles, PODS, etc.)

Public Works Asst. City Engineer
Fence - Public & Private Property Planning Code Enforcement
Garbage/Debris - Private Property Planning Code Enforcement
High Grass/Brush - Fire Danger Fire Deputy Fire Marshal
High Grass/Brush - Private Property Police Community Services Officer
High Grass/Brush - Right of Way Median Operations Administrative Support
Land Use Condition of Approval Planning Code Enforcement
Noise Police Community Services Officer

Planning Complaint
(building setbacks, occupancy, use, landscaping)

Planning Code Enforcement

Signs, Temporary - Right of Way
(A-frame signs, banners, garage sale signs, etc.)

Planning/Police Code Enforcement or CSO

Signs, Temporary, - Private Property
(A-frame sign, banners, garage sale signs, etc.)

Planning Code Enforcement

Soil Erosion
(sediment in stream, muddy runoff, etc.)

Public Works Erosion Control Specialist

Tree Cutting - Right of Way & Private Property
(weekends & after 5:00 pm)

Police Community Services Officer

Tree Cutting - Right of Way & Private Property
(weekdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Planning Code Enforcement
Tree Down - Right of Way Operations Administrative Support
Tree, Protection - Right of Way & Private Property Planning Code Enforcement

Unsafe Construction Site - Public Improvements
(damaged or missing Right of Way public improvements)

Public Works Asst. City Engineer
Vehicle or Trailer, Parked - Right of Way Police Community Services Officer
Vehicle or Trailer, Parked - Private Property Planning Code Enforcement
Water Contamination Public Works Water Quality Program Coordinator