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Comprehensive Plan

(Please note that some "Figures" are not yet available on-line)

Published by Planning & Building Services Department

In an effort to increase citizens' access to information, we are pleased to provide the Comprehensive Plan. This version, adopted in 1994, includes updates through May 20, 1999.  A detailed list of the updates can be viewed by clicking on the "Updates" folder link below.  These documents are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as the official Comprehensive Plan. Copies of the official Comprehensive Plan may be obtained from the Community Development, Planning Department.

Official copies of the Comprehensive Plan can be purchased for $54.00 plus postage.  If you would like to obtain a copy you can contact Barb Dillinger in the Planning Department directly at (503) 635-0296 or Email us.

The Comprehensive Plan map and text amendments related to the Lake Grove Village Center Plan that  were adopted on April 1, 2008, have not been incorporated into the sections of the Plan referenced above, this will occur at the completion of periodic review.  Please use the link below to view Ordinance 2454 which amends the Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan to include the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.