LU 12-0014: A modification to Lakeridge High School changing the southern facade building materials, a variance for a storage building and construct a Lacrosse wall.

The Applicant is requesting the following:

A modification of an approved Development Permit (LU 02-0015) for the following improvements at Lakeridge High School:

  • Replacement of the approved building material on portions of the south façade from CMU to stucco and metal panels
  • Construction of a new shed building near the athletic field for equipment storage   
  • Construction of a free-standing lacrosse practice wall near the practice field

The applicant is also requesting a Class 2 variance to the requirements of LOC 50.45.010(7), which require the new storage shed to be located within 30 feet of a public street.  The storage shed is proposed approximately 141 feet from the public street.

Project ID: 
LU 12-0014
Project Type: 
Project Year: 
Project Status: 
Lake Oswego School District
Project Contact: 
Debra Andreades, Senior Planner
Tax Map/Lot: 
21E 16 100
Reviewing Body: 
1235 Overlook Drive
Lake Oswego, OR