LU 12-0026: A vacation of an access easement and a minor variance to reduce the width of the existing access.

The Applicant is requesting the following:

Approval of a modification to an approved development permit (LU 06-0030) in order to vacate the existing access easement located on Tax Lot 501 (13795 Cameo Court) for the benefit of Tax Lot 500 (13783 Cameo Court).  The applicants propose instead for Tax Lots 500 and 501 to use an existing, abutting access easement created per LU 08-0043.  (An existing utility easement over Tax Lot 501 for the benefit of Tax Lot 500 would remain, and is not the subject of this application.)

The applicants are also requesting a minor variance to LOC, which requires that flag lot access lanes include a 20-foot wide easement.  The existing access easement created per LU 08-0043, which they propose to use, is 16 feet wide.

13795 Cameo Ct. 13783 Cameo Ct.
Lake Oswego, OR
Project Details
LU 12-0026
Andrew & Stacey DeBruyne & Scott Bullard (O&A)
Project Contact: 
Andy Gulizia, Associate Planner
Tax Map/Lot: 
21E 04CA 500
21E 04CA 501
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