LU 12-0039: A request for several minor variances to setbacks in order to construct a single-family dwelling and a garage.

A request for approval in order to construct a single family dwelling. The applicant is requesting the following minor variances:

  • 4-foot exception to the required 20-foot front yard setback;
  • 3-foot exception to the required 15-foot rear yard setback;
  • 3-foot exception to the Garage Vehicle Opening standard; and
  • A variable 1.5-foot exception to the required 7.5-foot north side yard setaback for the garage portion of the dwelling.
Project ID: 
LU 12-0039
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Project Status: 
Oregon Homeworks, LLC
Project Contact: 
Johanna Hastay, Associate Planner
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588 9th Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034