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Neighborhood Plans

The City of Lake Oswego is committed to enhancing its neighborhoods.  To this end, the City has a neighborhood planning program that provides support to neighborhoods in developing focused neighborhood plans.

A neighborhood plan is an official element of the City of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan.  A neighborhood plan includes goals and policies that define and shape the unique characteristics of a neighborhood.  It also includes specific improvement projects that enhance a neighborhood.  To date, neighborhood plans have been adopted for the following neighborhoods:  First Addition, Old Town, Glenmorrie, Lake Grove, Waluga, Lake Forest, Evergreen and Palisades.

The Neighborhood Plan elements of the Comprehensive Plan and the Community Development Codes are intended to mutually support one another. The neighborhood plans do not contain specific standards for development. Instead, they provide the policy basis for specific standards and procedures of the Community Development Code that are used to review new development and modifications to existing development. However, the Plans are applicable to legislative decisions such as Comprehensive Plan and Zone Map amendments.

Neighborhood Planning Kit
The intent of the Neighborhood Planning Kit, listed below, is to provide clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for Lake Oswego Neighborhoods as they work with City staff to prepare their Neighborhood Plan. The recommended approach is not a rigid formula, but a suggested methodology based on the experiences of previous neighborhoods that can be adapted to meet the needs of your neighborhood association.  We encourage neighborhoods to bring in their own creativity to the process.

Neighborhood Plans

Adopted neighborhood plans are listed below.  For a complete copy of any neighborhood plan listed below, please contact the Planning Department at (503) 635-0290.