PP 17-0004: Short-Term Rentals

Project Background / Summary: 

In Lake Oswego, short-term rental (<30 days) of rooms or homes to overnight guests is permitted only as a hotel or motel use. This is allowed in five of the city’s commercial and mixed-use zones, but not allowed in residential zones.

During the 2017 Planning Commission goal-setting process, comments were submitted encouraging the City to permit short-term rentals, and the City Council then directed the Planning Commission to develop standards for this use in Lake Oswego.

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PP 17-0004
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Sarah Selden, Senior Planner
503-697-6524 or e-mail

Status Updates: 

The City Council held a study session on June 20, 2017 to further consider whether it wanted to develop regulations that would allow short-term rentals in residential zones. The Council directed staff to maintain the existing regulations, which prohibit short-term rentals in those zones. They also directed staff to develop a plan for active code enforcement of short-term rentals, rather than following the complaint-based approach that is current practice for enforcing code violations. The staff report and video for this Council meeting can be viewed here.

Staff will report on the code enforcement plan at the Council’s July 18 meeting.

This planning project, PP 17-0004, is discontinued. No further work sessions will be held by the Planning Commission.



The City Council will hold a study session on June 20, 2017.  For the meeting agenda and staff report, click here.

Planning Commission Work Session #2 is tentatively scheduled for July 24, 2017.



The Commission will review background on short-term rentals and provide initial input to City Council on the scope of potential land use regulations addressing this use in residential zones. The City Council is scheduled to hold a study session on the topic June 20 where staff will seek direction regarding any code amendment to be brought forward.

Staff Memo, 04/27/17

Supplemental Information - Lake Oswego Airbnb Statistics 2011-2016

To visit the meeting webpage and view the video, click here.