Residential Demolition Noticing Requirements

PUBLIC NOTICE is now required for all residential demolitions in Lake Oswego. Ordinance 2727, adopted by City Council November 1, 2016, and goes into effect December 1, 2016.

Demolition Permit Requirements as follows:

  • Complete the residential demolition packet.  (NOTE: The City now requires a 14-day public notice period before beginning any demolition. The applicant is responsible for posting and mailing the notice upon approval of erosion control and tree protection plans.)
  • Proof of ownership (tax statement, title report or recorded contract) & letter from owner approving the demolition must be submitted with the application.
  • Asbestos/Lead paint reports Demolition permits must be accompanied by a certificate of compliance for asbestos and lead pain removal, completed by an Oregon licensed abatement firm.
  • Erosion Control application is to be submitted to the Engineering Department. For more information, Please contact the Erosion Control Specialist at 503-675-3991.
  • Tree Protection (if applicable)
  • If your lot includes any trees, please contact the Planning Division at 503-635-0290
  • Notice of Demolition. 1) Complete the certificate of Assurance-Demolition Notice contained in this packet at least 15 days before beginning demolition; 2) Post the Notice of Demolition poster on the subject property at least 14 days before beginning demolition; 3) Mail the Notice of Demolition letter to abutting residential properties at least 14 days before beginning demolition. (See LOC 45.12.100.)
  • The Planning Department will provide the notice poster and mailer upon approval of Erosion Control and Tree Protection, as applicable.  For questions, contact the Planning Department at 503-635-0290.
  • Pay required fees.

Your permit expires if work isn't started within 180 days from the date of issue. Your permit expires if work is suspended or abandoned for 180 days or more. If you can't work within a 180-day period and don’t wish to abandon the project, you may submit a written request to extend your permit for an additional 180-day period.

*Permits cannot be issued if Erosion Control, Tree Protection or Tree Cutting Approval is required & have not been signed off by the appropriate Department.

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