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Sensitive Lands



Protect Streams, Wetlands, and Wildlife

Lake Oswego residents are committed to protecting the community’s unique landscape and natural environment. These stewardship values are embodied in City programs and policy. The Sensitive Lands program is one element of the City’s environmental protection efforts.

Sensitive Lands is the name given to streams, wetlands, and tree groves that provide wildlife habitat and water quality benefits. They are divided into two categories:

  • Streams and wetlands are designated as Resource Protection (RP) Districts.
  • Tree groves are designated as Resource Conservation (RC) Districts.

The Sensitive Lands sections of the Community Development Code regulate development in or near Sensitive Lands in order to protect wildlife habitat and water quality.

The City Council is currently considering major revisions to the Sensitive Lands program. The Council has developed an initial proposal to remove Sensitive Lands districts from private residential properties and use other methods to protect natural resources. Lake Oswego uses the Sensitive Lands program to comply with regional and state laws, so it will take time to develop a detailed plan that meets regional and state requirements. Staff began working on the plan this fall; click on the “Proposed Revisions to Sensitive Lands” link below for additional information and updates.

The links and resources below provide information about the Sensitive Lands regulations. Wondering if your property contains Sensitive Lands? The Sensitive Lands map shows the areas that are subject to protections. Click on the "Sensitive Lands Maps" link for additional information. Interested in developing near Sensitive Lands? The "Developing Near Sensitive Lands" brochure provides an overview of the code requirements and development process. Want to learn more about the code requirements? Code sections 50.05.010 and provide all the details.