LOPD / OLCC Conduct Second Underage Alcohol Sale Operation

Posted Tue, 07/02/2013 - 8:18am

LAKE OSWEGO – On June 27th, the Lake Oswego Police Department and Oregon Liquor Control Commission sent underage decoys to twenty-four businesses in Lake Oswego and attempted to purchase alcohol.

During the operation, decoys successfully purchased alcohol from seven businesses.  Two out of the seven times, the decoys were sold alcohol even though they presented their own personal identification which clearly showed they were younger than 21 years old.  Five out of the seven times, the decoys were never asked for identification.  The sales check resulted in a compliance rate of 71 percent which is below the 2012 statewide average of 81 percent.

Businesses are required to request identification from purchasers of alcohol if the purchaser appears to be younger than 26 years old.  Businesses can be held accountable if they distribute, sell or otherwise make alcoholic beverages available to a person who is not 21 years old. 

Sellers who fail to assure the proper age of the purchaser may be issued a citation for violating Oregon Revised Statute 471.410 – Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor.  Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor is a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in jail and monetary fines.

The following businesses did not check the decoy’s identification and sold alcohol to the decoy:
• Blast Burger – 315 1st Street #101
• Lake Oswego Chevron – 15905 Boones Ferry Road
• Safeway – 401 A Avenue
• Riccardo’s Ristorante – 16035 Boones Ferry Road
• Singha Thai Restaurant – 15902 Boones Ferry Road

The following businesses checked the decoy’s identification and still sold alcohol to the decoy:
• Albertson’s – 11 South State Street
• Round Table Pizza – 16444 Boones Ferry Road

The Lake Oswego Police Department will be conducting additional operations throughout the summer and hopes to achieve 100 percent compliance.