Community Attitudes Survey is Online

Posted Fri, 04/12/2013 - 5:02pm

An online Community Attitudes Survey is available to residents between April 8 - 15, 2013 and takes a short eight to ten minutes to complete. Individual responses are confidential.  If you have not already completed the Survey, or would to share the opportunity to participate with another Lake Oswego resident, please forward this email and/or this link: The direct link to the Survey is here - The deadline to complete the Survey is midnight on the 15th.

Over 13,000 people received an email on April 8, inviting them to complete the survey.  Emails were sent to people who had signed up for City updates, newsletters and services.  The City also put a link to the survey online and distributed it through social media sites to reach as many people as possible.  Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  Your time and input is appreciated.

The survey results will tell the City of Lake Oswego Council and managers what Lake Oswego residents think of the City, City services and current issues of importance to the City Council. The input is important and will help set priorities and refine services.

The City, with the assistance of a Portland firm, CFM, developed a survey instrument based on a review of past Community Attitudes Surveys as well as new questions to inform the City Council as they make budgetary and policy decisions. The  data is being collected by Survey Sampling Inc in Provo Utah, a subcontractor to CFM.

A statistically valid phone survey was completed April 1 to April 7.  From April 8 through the 15th, the survey is online, allowing all residents (over the age of 16) to weigh in on city services and issues.  The phone and online data will be kept separate. The data sets will both be used and compared in order to convey to the City Council how residents feel. Survey results will be presented to the City Council in May.

To review previous surveys please go to This is the first survey that has been offered online.  The last telephone Community Attitudes Survey was completed in 2010.

Thank you for your participation.