New Website Coming Soon - What Information is Important to You?

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2012

Contact: Christine Kirk, Public Affairs Manager

The City of Lake Oswego will soon have a new website. We want to make sure that the items you currently access on the City website or looked for and couldn’t find are available on the new site. Share what you look for on a City website on Open City Hall

As the City team and Aha! Consulting (of Lake Oswego) work to complete the site, your input will help make sure that what you value on the current site continues. Even better, we hope that the new site is easier to use and helps you access more information online. To view the current City of Lake Oswego website go to:

Anyone can support a response on Open City Hall, even without signing up for the forum.  Simply go to the question, review statements and click the support button by the suggestion you agree with. Supporters will be offered a quick and easy way to sign up for Open City Hall so that you can be in the loop for future questions and responses.

If you have a barcode scanner on your phone, it is even easier to participate. Simply point your smartphone at this QR Code to navigate immediately to a page. There are several free QR code scanner applications, for example through iTunes or Scanlife. You can also participate in this Open City Hall question by going to  

Thank you for your thoughts and responses to this question.