Open City Hall - Town Hall Questions Online

Udated - Thank you for your participation. The online questions are now closed. Information has been provided to Council for review.

The February 12 Town Hall with the City Council is also online through Open City Hall.  Questions will be available for response through February 18, 2013. Two questions are available, one focusing on the Preliminary Action Plan and the other on Service Priorities. In having two questions, people can target their comments to the specific area of Council discussion. - Budget and Services

What services, beyond those that are core or mandated, are important to Lake Oswego. What is the appropriate level or standard of service provided? 2013 Preliminary Action Plan

What reaction and thoughts do you have about the City Council's 2013 Action Plan? What are the highest priority items?

In using the prioritization tool you can prioritize what action items are the most important. The Council would like to get the list down to 5 action items. Your input and use of the prioritization tool will help the Council determine its focus for the next year.

More Information

For more information on the purpose of the Town Hall and documents go to:

As at the Town Hall, people participating online will be asked to provide their name and address. However, through Open City Hall, comments can be displayed anonymously. Open City Hall is run by a third party, Peak Democracy, meaning that the City does not have access to the names and contact information that people provide.