Walmart in Lake Oswego

The information below is about a Walmart Neighborhood Market at 17711 Jean Way.

Walmart Opens on October 24, 7:30 a.m.  No more updates will be provided to this informational piece.

Previous Updates
- On May 17, the City issued a building permit for tenant improvements for a Walmart Neighborhood Market at the intersection of Boones Ferry Road and Jean Way.  The new store will exist in the existing footprint and meet the land use conditions for the site.  It will feature a grocery, deli, pharmacy and offices. 

- A utility account for Farm Fresh to Market LLC, C/O Walmart was opened for that location.

Walmart Public Affairs provided a link to images of their Neighborhood Markets as this is the business model under consideration:

The City of Lake Oswego is not an active participant in any real estate negotiations regarding the ownership or lease of this property.

Question and Answers - Overview of Zoning and Process for 17711 Jean Way

Q.  What are permitted uses at 17711 Jean Way?

A.   The site is zoned General Commercial (GC).   The uses allowed are the permitted and conditional uses of the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zone plus additional uses identified in LOC 50.11.020(13).  Examples of permitted uses at this site are general retail, office space and grocery.  Review the Development Code

Q.  Are there size limits or is a “big box” type store a permitted use at 17711 Jean Way?

A.  The Development Code does not use the term “big box.”  There are standards that constrain the overall size of the use at this site.  Here are examples:

A single retail use, such as a grocery, is limited to 26,500 square feet. 
Total retail uses are limited to 31,000 square feet.
Lot coverage (footprint) is limited to 50% of the site, and the maximum height of a structure is limited to 45 feet.
Parking and buildings must be set back at least 25 feet from Boones Ferry Road and 15 feet from Jean Way.
Twenty percent of the net buildable area must be devoted to landscaping.
Off-street parking must be provided based on the parking generation rates in the Community Development Code.

Q.  What is the process to open a business for a “permitted” use at this site? 

A.  Detailed plans would need to be submitted before any determination can be made on the necessary process for review and approval. But the first step for any business is to obtain a Business License from the City.  As part of that process, Planning Staff reviews the Business License application to make sure it meets applicable zoning and parking requirements.  Additional review might result from exterior building alterations, tenant improvements (interior), changes to landscaping or access, and an increase in the size of the building.  Signs require a review by Planning. 

Q.  What are the opportunities for public input for a business that is a “permitted” use in the zone?

A.  When a site is first developed, there is extensive public process to review the proposed development against code standards for design, use, setbacks, parking, landscaping, etc.  (Such was the case with the original land use application for a grocery store at this site.) If a new business occupies an existing building and the use is permitted in the zone, the City (and by extension, the public) has limited ability to review the proposal.  If exterior alterations are proposed, review of the alterations would be analyzed against the original design approval.  Depending on the extent of the alterations, the review could be completed by staff or be heard by the Development Review Commission (DRC) at a public hearing.  An appeal of a staff decision is heard by the DRC; an appeal of a DRC decision is heard by City Council. 

Q.  What is the process to approve a use that is “conditional” or prohibited?

A.  Conditional uses require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). These are heard by the Development Review Commission (DRC) at a public hearing.  Conditional uses must meet the zone standards as well as additional criteria based on the specific use.  A prohibited use cannot occur unless the zoning or the Community Development Code is amended to allow the use – these require an extensive process, including notice and public hearings. 

Q. What is the history of the property at 17711 Jean Way and the existing building on the site? 

A.  The site has been used as a grocery store.  Nature’s received development review approval in 1997 and occupied the building until approximately 2003.  Wild Oats occupied the building between 2003 and 2006.  It has been vacant since that time.

The existing building is approximately 41,000 square feet. When the site was Nature’s or Wild Oats, the grocery component was limited to 26,500 square feet, other retail uses were limited to 4,500 square feet, and office and other non-retail uses made up the remaining 10,000 square feet.

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