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2017 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Project Background/Summary

Each year the City of Lake Oswego Engineering and Public Works Departments intend to rehabilitate a significant portion of the deteriorated components of the sanitary sewer system. The City’s current project is within multiple neighborhoods. The lines selected for the current project are located in the following areas:

  • Between 455 and 475 Furnace Street
  • First Addition Neighborhood Alley, between B Ave. and C Ave., and between 4th and 5th Streets
  • First Addition Neighborhood Alley, between D Ave. and E Ave., and between 2nd and 3rd Streets
  • 5th Street, between Evergreen Road and Lake Bay Court
  • Lake Forest Drive, between Berwick Court and Ellis Ave.
  • South Shore Blvd. near the Fire Station
  • South Shore Blvd. near the intersection with McVey Ave.
  • Weidman Court
  • McVey Ave., between South Shore Blvd. and Laurel Street
  • Erickson Street, between Ash and Maple Streets
  • Along the southerly side of 2390 Palisades Crest Drive

It is anticipated the construction of the currently planned sewer system improvements will occur in the spring and summer of 2017.

It is important to address unwanted ground and surface water that enters the wastewater collection system to reduce costs for wastewater treatment, and to help assure the size of existing pipelines will be adequate to convey the flow entering them.  When a pipeline is unable to convey all entering flow, overflow or backups can occur and result in polluted discharge onto the ground, into the watershed or into homes and businesses.  This project will help reduce the likelihood of such detrimental impacts in these neighborhoods.  It is an essential component of the City’s commitment to provide an adequate wastewater collection system to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.


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Summer 2017 Construction Projects Map

Construction Projects Map