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Education and Outreach

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Stormwater runoff is generated from dispersed land surfaces including pavements, yards, driveways, and roofs.  Therefore, efforts to control stormwater pollution must consider individual, household, and public behaviors and activities that can generate pollution. It takes individual behavior changes and proper practices to control stormwater pollution.

It is important to the City of Lake Oswego to engage the community(including city services, citizens and businesses) about stormwater pollution. Awareness is the first step to behavior changes that can reduce stormwater pollution. The City of Lake Oswego is prompting changes in behaviors that contribute to stormwater pollution by providing information/materials as well as educational opportunities to city services, citizens and businesses about things everyone can do to reduce stormwater pollution.

Below are the ongoing education programs at the City of Lake Oswego that are designed to engage the public about stormwater pollution.