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City of Lake Oswego
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Engineering Contact Information

Engineering Staff Duties Phone Number
Erica Rooney, PE, City Engineer City Engineer 503-635-0264
Donna Broadhurst Administrative Assistant 503-635-0266
Cindy Waggener Administrative Support 503-635-0289
Construction Services    
Pat McDougal, PE, Senior Associate Engineer Water & Wastewater 503-635-0273
Crystal M. Shum, PE, Associate Engineer Streets 503-697-7420
Matt Tipton, PE, Associate Engineer Streets, Wastewater, & ADA Sidewalk Ramps 503-675-2533
Rob Amsberry, CFM, Engineering Tech III Surface Water & Floodplain Management 503-635-0268
David Kudna, Engineering Tech III Streets, Water, Wastewater, Surface Water 503-534-5299
Nancy Flye, Traffic Engineering Technician III Traffic Control Plans, Building Permit Review 503-697-7419
Bruce Foulke, Construction Inspector Inspection 503-635-0271
Development & Land Use    
Todd Knepper, PE, Engineering Program Supervisor Section Manager 503-675-2534
Amanda Owings, PE, Traffic Engineer Transportation, Bicycle, Pedestrian Operations 503-635-0274
Ed Marsoun, Engineering Development Coordinator Development Projects 503-635-0277
Will Weber, Engineering Technician Utility Permits 503-635-0284
Engineering & Information Services    
Roger Shepherd GIS Manager 503-697-7423
Thomas Workman Chief Surveyor 503-635-0276
Bob Irving, GIS Analyst Mapping 503-699-7464
Jeff Harmon, GIS Specialist Mapping 503-675-3742
Anne MacDonald, Stormwater Coordinator Water Quality 503-675-3999
Ryan Lentz, Erosion Control Specialist Erosion Control 503-675-3991