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Kerr Parkway Rehabilitation Project Update


Kerr Parkway is a construction zone.
Please refrain from walking, biking, and driving on the closed sections even when active construction is not occurring. This area is not safe.

July 18, 2014

  • Kerr Parkway will remain closed between Jefferson Parkway and McNary Parkway (North Intersection) through August 2, 2014.
  • On August 4, 2014 the contractor plans to close Kerr Parkway from McNary Parkway (North Intersection) to Hidalgo.
  • Northwest Natural and their contracted crews will be working on Kerr Parkway. Traffic control will be maintained using flaggers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the section of Kerr Parkway from McNary Parkway (north intersection) to Jefferson Parkway still closed?

When work began in this area, a couple of issues popped up:

Northwest Natural came in to install a gas line that they had planned to install at some point in the future to connect to current services. Since we were going to improve the roadway, they felt like now is the time to do that work and the City agreed so they wouldn’t cut through the new roadway in the future to install the pipe. This work extended the closure length because the gas company had to be finished before the other work could really begin.
When work began on the new retaining wall, it was discovered that the water main would be in the way of excavation. The City’s water crew, engineers, and contractor worked together to quickly engineer a solution which included installing a new upsized water which will improve water delivery to this area.

  • Can a temporary crosswalk be installed at Hidalgo so people can cross McNary Parkway?

The Engineering Department has decided that a temporary crosswalk cannot be installed at the Hidalgo and McNary Parkway intersection because there is not enough sight distance for pedestrians to cross safely at this point.Instead we encourage all pedestrians to walk to the Kerr Parkway and McNary Parkway intersection where there is a signal light, pedestrian crossing signals, and a marked crosswalk.

  • Vehicles using the detour on McNary Parkway appear to be speeding making it unsafe for all.

McNary Parkway is signed as a 30 MPH roadway.This speed is faster than the typical 25 MPH you will find on local/residential roadways.The Police Department is aware that people may be speeding through this area.

  • Why is traffic being detoured through the neighborhood?

Because of the nature of the work, the Contractor needs access to the entire roadway versus just one lane at a time.Thus, it is safer for both the traveling public and the construction workers to close the entire road.Unfortunately that means diverting vehicles off Kerr Parkway and onto the neighboring streets.